Monday, 14 November 2011

So lets get the ball rolling

Funny, whenever I sit down to write something all the crazy ideas rolling round in my head suddenly desert me. That its what has led me to blogging; the idea that with my nice new smart phone I can scribble these ideas down on the fly and publish them, at least thats my understanding of this process. This naturally leads me to my next question: will anyone actually read this? Which in turn begs the question do I care? Well, from my perspective I have written things down for as long as I can remember, nothing useful and organized like lists, or plans, but poems, stories, books, essays and various hypotheses, none of which have in come to much. In actual fact normally I go off the idea of writing, lose interest if you will, once another has read what I am working on. As a child I used to refuse to let my mum, or anyone else, read the things I wrote. Mum used to sneak a read and then hassle me to finish the story, poem or whatever, thus giving away the fact she had read it and putting me off finishing in the process. At uni I insisted that I read my work to my partner (on the same course) for feedback, only letting her actually read it herself once I was finished, by which time there was little point since the chances of me changing anything were remote, especially since by then the work was probably due in (read over due). So thats why the blog appeals; it is never finished, yet every post is a complete work in its own right, and people not reading it is really not an issue for me. Don't get me wrong, I hope people do, tapping out posts like this on a phone, in the loo at work, is hard work after all, but I am here for my benefit, if you happen to get some pleasure too then all the better!

Thanks for reading.

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