Tuesday, 15 November 2011

So, why electronics and music?

Given that the title of this blog is for the love of life music and electronics I think it only right that I use this very early opportunity to explain where my love of each has come from, and how they relate to my perspective on life.

Firstly my life has never been that simple, easy at times, hard others, but never simple. I have always been searching for something I can never quite put my finger on. This search has led me down a lot dark dead end roads. It has also taken me to moments of great personal enlightenment, but ultimately I am still searching.

I have, in the process of my search, stumbled upon a few things which I have then carried with me through the rest of my life, like music for example. Now I'm no singer, I can't play and my sense of rhythm used to be awful (that has changed somewhat, I do dj after all!). This hasn't stopped me falling in love with music. I mix house music, and I think it is very versatile, but I love anything with a soul, and these days (probably as I get older) that even includes some pop tunes. I love the way music can suit any mood, how it can take you to dark places, and how it can lift the spirits and join people together (where would Christianity be without collective singing, and the rave scene never would have happened without that sense of unity, probably aided by ecstasy admittedly). Someone said once that there is a song for every occasion, and that is true, and there is something comforting in the knowledge that someone else had similar experiences to you and took the time to write a song about it, that feeling the song is about you is magical. Music will always be a part of my life and if it isn't a part of yours I feel sorry for you.

I stumbled upon electronics as a hobby while at uni, while I should have been studying. Don't get me wrong, I am merely a self taught amateur, most of what I have built hasn't worked right, but when it does the satisfaction is amazing. I still find the idea of putting a load of inactive materials together in a certain order and having them do these amazing things fascinating. I also think electronics are a great metaphor for life: you need to plan carefully, and even then problems can happen. Locating the source of the problem and fixing it can be the most rewarding part. You can easily get hurt if you're not careful. The field of electronics is constantly growing and who knows what's round the next corner. It takes lots if individual parts working in unison to make something work right.... I could go on, see, great metaphor.

So to sum up, music has seen me through all sorts of different things, I owe a good part of my life to it. Electronics has taught me a lot about being methodical and patient, and I owe my livelihood too it, not bad for a hobby.

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