Friday, 18 November 2011

The same people who shaped the society in which we live are now shunned by it..

Re-post of something i wrote a while ago:

Well here it is then 2010, no more naughties, is that really such a bad thing? I was thinking the other day, my Nan, bless here, has been alive through the 1910's, 20's, 30's 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's and now she's back to the 10's again. Can you imagine waht a headfuck it must be for old people? I've even started to wonder if there's such a thing as dementia, or wether the rate that society is chanhging is so bloody confusing that the old dears have no choice but to retreat into a wierd little world of their own.

A great example of how scary it must be for them came curtosy of my stepdad the other day: He drives for a living and the firm he works for issued all their staff with new nokia phones, tounch screen music and movies type thing, you know the dealio. Apparently they have some kind of satnav/GPS system on them. Poor old bugger, he's well lost, he's only just got his head round VCR's as we chucked our last one out. He's never used a computer, has to ask someone to change chanel on the sky for him. Just think about that for a moment... Just about everything i do now involves computers in some form or another, i certainly use my mobile a lot.

See my point here is this: The press gets a bad press ( if that makes any kind of sense) amongst youth culture and the younger generations for supposedly being 'biased' against the youth of today. But using the logic i've outlined here is it any wonder that individuals and social groups, as they grow older in a society structured and arranged around a younger generation, begin to feel alienated by it?

As the process of globalization occurs it gathers speed, moving faster and faster, there are more advancements made in one year than the preceeding one, and less than in subsequent ones. The same could be said for technology, using new advancements as the basis for future ones, the entire structure grows at an ever increasing rate. This is why, as life expectancy increases, this issue seems to become more and more acute. Sure there's always been an element of the older generation resent the young and vice versa, but i for one hear, see and feel the effects to a much greater degree now than i ever have before.... but maybe thats because i'm getting old.

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