Sunday, 27 November 2011

First kiss

First kisses are special, they're special for a number of reasons, which in my opinion fall into two main categories; excitement and affirmation. Obviously these two are not mutually exclusive but rather co-exist. The excitement aspect of first kisses is self evident, that tingling thrill, the increase in heart rate and blood pressure, the warm flash, broadly speaking these are physiological changes which bring about an altered state of consciousness, all pretty understandable and enjoyable. But for me the secret of the first kiss lies in the affirming aspects which it brings: It confirms to us, in that moment, that someone feels about us the way we do about them, or at least it seems that way, it diminishes our own insecurities, even just for a split second, it allows us to place new value upon ourselves based upon the opinions of another, and best of all, for a good first kiss, this is all reciprocal.

So when you have been with someone a while routine sets in, absent minded kisses get handed out all the time; the goodbye peck, when all you're thinking about is what route to take to work, or what to have for lunch. So I think it is important to occasionally make time in a relationship, and out of the blue try and recapture that 'first' feeling: remember all those feelings, and try and portray them in your kiss, in your body language and with your touch. Remember, its one thing to have it confirmed that a person feels attracted to you when you just met, but when a person really knows you, when they have seen the good and the bad and still they kiss you that way, thats true affirmation, that should be worth a thousand of the other feelings, we just have to remind ourselves of it.

Not every kiss can be just like the first, but thats no excuse for not trying to make it so.....

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